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The Poly Molding blog is where articles and posts relating to construction, architecture, and the arts are regularly posted… information about interesting uses of expanded polystyrene materials.  If you have an interesting project involving our Geofoam and/or EPS products, we would love to hear about it. Just email us some information and a few photo’s and we’ll not only post and give you editorial credit but a link to your website as well.

Could Geofoam save a community

Could Geofoam save a community?

Could Geofoam save a community? It possibly might but you are probably wondering how. We recently enjoyed a mental exercise: …
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Verrazano Narrows Bridge

What do Styrofoam Cups and Construction Material have in Common?

Even though Expanded Polystyrene (EPS or Geofoam) has been around for more than a century, when it comes up in …
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