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About Us

The polystyrene experts you can trust

We are proud to be the sole Geofoam/Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer in all of New Jersey. Our team specializes in geofoam for construction in both the private and public sectors. From engineering solutions to submittals and beyond, we facilitate the building process in several ways.

Our Expanded Polystyrene products are affordable, long-lasting, and does not mandate staging or preloading typically necessary with other construction applications. Our footprint continues to expand with each passing day.  In fact, our products were even used to rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and 9/11.

Our team has gone to great lengths to make our geofoam as environmentally-friendly as possible. Our attention to detail is unparalleled. We are diligent in testing our geofoam to guarantee it is of the highest quality and capable of lasting for centuries.

From New Jersey to New York, Washington DC, Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, and beyond, our geofoam, Poly R.I.T.E, and other products are currently used just about everywhere throughout the northeast. Put your trust in our geofoam and you will find this lightweight fill serves as a suitable substitute for soil that significantly reduces the load in myriad applications ranging from industrial to commercial and residential. The comparably light load decreases settlements, boosts stability, and proves reliable across posterity.

Poly Molding Team

Leadership with Irreverence for Convention

Our team is headed by Adam Corn. Adam invested three years of hard work in mastering Poly Molding LLC equipment and machinery after college. He launched the company’s sales department in the mid-90s and spent the next decade and a half building an expansive customer base. Poly Molding’s gradual progression throughout the entire northeast region is the direct result of Adam’s hard work.


To new Heights and Beyond

Most clients find it interesting to learn Poly Molding started out as a maker of mannequin heads and beer coolers. Though geofoam can still be used for such purposes, we have expanded our operations to build all sorts of other structures for bigger and better purposes. We will continue to expand our horizons as time progresses, helping builders in both the public and private spaces build reliable foundations for construction projects of all different types that hold strong and prove reliable as time progresses.


Adam Corn- CEO

Adam is a pure example of someone who was “born into the family business”. Working various jobs within the company since he was thirteen, Adam was able to attain a full knowledge of warehouse and manufacturing responsibilities by the time he graduated high school. After finishing college with a degree in management in 1992, he joined the company full time and aggressively organized a sales team. Sales and product development would become his main responsibility over the next two decades.

In 2010, Adam and his father decide a transfer of ownership was the next step to maintain the growing success of Poly Molding and Adam bought the company outright in 2011.

With years of experience, knowledge and determination,  Adam had been the driving force helping Poly Molding  become one of the leading manufactures of EPS in the country.

Our Team

Sebastian Williams - Sales Manager Geofoam Specialist
Shawn Ferguson - Technical Operator
Adrian Tejada - Plant Supervisor
Victor Uceta - Marketing Coordinator
Joann Doty - Office Administrator

Poly Molding Service Areas

Areas where we Operate
Our business is rapidly growing and expanding!

Our timely service and excellent customer relations are the reason why Poly Molding supplies most major distributors and has made us the leader in the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation industry.Our factory is conveniently located in Northern New Jersey but we service clients through the Northeast coast of the US.

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