What is Poly-fold Fanfold?

Poly-Fold Fanfold is a high-performance, rigid insulation consisting of a closed-cell, strong, but lightweight premium quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core. It is available with either a clear plastic laminate facer on both sides or clear plastic laminate facer on one side and a reflective foil facer on the other provides air infiltration resistance, liquid water protection, and improves energy efficiency. All Poly-Fold Fanfold products meet or surpass the requirements of ASTM C578, Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation.

Poly Fold is water-resistant, has outstanding stability, and compressive strength which makes it ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. It is practically impervious to moisture, while insect and mold resistant as well. The “Bug Barrier” additive that is embedded into Poly-Fold Fanfold deters carpenter ants and termites.

Poly-Fold Fanfold is environmentally safe, 100% recyclable, and an Energy Star approved product.

Some of  the most common uses for Poly-Foam (Geofoam) include:

  • Basement or Cavity walls
  • Interior walls
  • Crawl spaces
  • Radiant floors
  • and much more…

We are the only Geofoam manufacturer / Expanded Polystyrene manufacturer in New Jersey. We specialize in submittals, engineered solutions, working in the public and private sector. Our product is cost-effective and does not typically require staging and preloading usually required in construction applications. Geofoam is environmentally friendly, contains no HCFCs or formaldehyde, and is 100% recyclable. With superb stability and long life, Geofoam resists decomposition and severe weather conditions. Poly Molding LLC’s product surpasses the requirements of ASTM D6817 Standard Specification for Rigid Cellular Polystyrene Geofoam, and is tested regularly to ensure a quality product to last for centuries to come! We service the entire North East. Our Geofoam can be found in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, from Washington DC to Maine.

Geofoam by Poly Molding Cross Section

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