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With the aging infrastructure in the U.S. in its worst shape ever, construction crews will be busy for the next 20 years making repairs and improvements. Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) Geofoam is a remarkable and affordable product that can significantly shorten construction times, as well as trim the budget due to its ease of use, availability, and specific applications.

Following in this post are examples of some key commercial applications using Geofoam.

Pictured above left is expanded polystyrene Geofoam blocks being used to fill a significant slope embankment.The right image illustrates Geofoam being used in support of the Verrazano Bridge.

A geotechnical product, Expanded Polystyrene (EP) geofoam has been used for more than 50 years. What makes it such as great product for large-scale soil replacement and fill needs, it is surprisingly lightweight and durable. Because it is less than 10% of other lightweight materials, geofoam can solve many an engineering challenge. It is so light in fact; it weighs about 1% that of typical soils.


Benefits of Use

When using SPS geofoam, the benefits certainly outweigh any possible alternatives, such as:

  • Engineered for specific use, i.e. density, load dispersal, compaction
  • Pre-tested for quality assurance and control before it is delivered on-site
  • Easy to handle without special equipment or specialty handling
  • Impervious to inclement weather; rain, wind, snow, hail
  • Maintains its physical properties literally for hundreds of years
  • Environmentally safe – it’s recyclable
  • Minimizes construction time due to its versatility


bridge abutement
Image credit: EPS Industry Alliance

EPS-Geofoam Applications

The varied and sundry type of projects for EPS geofoam consist of:

  • Slope embankments
  • Road construction (replacing poor grade soils, foundation, under-fill)
  • Road Widening
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Railway embankment
  • Retaining wall backfill
  • Underground, buried structures and pipes


road construction cutaway

Road Construction Specifics

  • Holds its density, can be used to replace sub-standard soils, offers high compression strength
  • Lightweight fill to spread the load across wider area
  • Eliminates the need for fill soils testing and compaction
  • Is used as embankment fill, roadbed, bridge abutment shift minimized
  • Capable of handling all traffic forces
  • Minimizes environmental impact of roadway construction
  • Minimizes impact to existing structures adjacent to road projects
  • Minimizes negative impact to underground utilities and sewage and drainage systems

Additional Construction Applications

  • Reduces roadway noise and vibrations
  • Allows for free-standing embankments and walls for noise reduction
  • Supports highway loads without compression of soils and compacted underlayment
  • Reduces lateral force against abutments and foundations
  • Prevents settlement of underlying soils
  • Can be used as foundation for railway beds
  • Insulates against permafrost
  • Reduces seismic forces on buried structures, pipes, underground utilities


verrazano narrows bridge

Verrazano Narrows Bridge Project

We’re proud to say Poly Molding played a critical part in the Verrazano Narrows Bridge Toll Plaza renovation by supplying the EPS geofoam, as pictured at the beginning of this article. The Verrazano Bridge is the longest span bridge in the United States, and is ranked 8th in the world.

“The bridge establishes a critical link in the local and regional highway system, and also marks the gateway to New York Harbor. All cruise ships and container ships arriving at the Port of New York and New Jersey must pass underneath the bridge and therefore must be built to accommodate the clearance under the bridge.

[3] Since 1976, the Staten Island end of the bridge has been the starting point of the New York City Marathon.” Source” Wikipedia

As you now see, there are numerous examples of key commercial applications using Geofoam. When your construction project requires EPS geofoam, Poly Molding LLC is the only manufacturer/supplier in the tristate area.