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The Poly Molding blog is where articles and posts relating to construction, architecture, and the arts are regularly posted… information about interesting uses of expanded polystyrene materials.  If you have an interesting project involving our Geofoam and/or EPS products, we would love to hear about it. Just email us some information and a few photo’s and we’ll not only post and give you editorial credit but link to your website as well.

June 2019

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There’s no doubt about it, Geofoam is a great construction product, but it’s far more than that. Sure, it’s used for stabilizing shifting earth, supporting airport runways, train railbeds, even assisting in rooftop [...]

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Secant Pile Wall Construction

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Civil engineering projects that require embedded retaining walls often rely on secant pile wall construction to accomplish the stabilization of embankments, large commercial below ground storage space (basements). Secant walls are also used for the [...]

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